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I went to the Serpentine Summer Gala— I went last year as well; my mother supports the gallery and our family has a little wing in the side, so we usually get invited. 

guess who was there? 

Benedict Cumberbatch!

I still don’t really believe it, honestly. My mum’s friend Martina dropped her bag and her stuff went everywhere, and we were all scrabbling around to pick it up and some dude started helping and I wasn’t really looking because I was trying to pick up her crap— until he went, “at least there’s nothing embarrassing in there!” yep, it was Benedict Cumberbatch. And naturally, since I’m the most awkward person in the world, I realized who it was, and immediately walked away to fangirl in a corner

I told my mother about it, and then I pointed her out to him, and she encouraged me to go talk to him, but I didn’t want to because (even though he was on his own) he was on his cell phone. Also, I figured he was leaving, so…

Then, a few hours later, my mom grabbed me, said “don’t hate me” and dragged me through the dancefloor, (she had seen him again, apparently) tapped him on the shoulder, and explained that I was a big admirer of his work and such (she was actually totally cool about it). 

He was so lovely and nice, he said thanks for the praise and such and when I told him I had just seen Frankenstein at RADA he was like, “oh are you at RADA?” and I said no, but my mom said I wanted to be an actress and he was a huge inspiration, and he actually looked all nice and complimented and such. He said thanks again and we walked away and it was awesome!! :) I’m glad he’s so nice and we didn’t bug him or anything and he was really lovely and actually talked to me and wasn’t all mean or standoffish or anything. 

SO THAT WAS GREAT! :) Also the party was incredible, and I had a great time. 

basically tl;dr: I met Benedict Cumberbatch. He was super nice. Best day ever. <3 

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